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Heard of Hackintosh for Windows iPhone App Development?

There are some people who don't take too kindly to being told they can't do something. When the folks at Mac say their tech can't work with Windows tech, there are always those who must prove them wrong. Hackintosh is a term used to refer to hacking technology to make it work like or with Mac software. This allows people to do many things with their Windows PC that they couldn't before, and that includes Windows iPhone app development.

Get iPhone Development for Windows with a Hackintosh
Did you know you can actually fool your Windows PC into thinking it was a Mac? Initially, this is where the Hackintosh term came from. You can use the software, or if you're good at hacking yourself, your own code, to create a partition on your PC's hard drive and run one section as Windows and the other as a Mac. This allows users to run Mac software, which makes iPhone development for Windows much easier. It might be a good idea to know a thing or two about computer software and hardware before trying this simply for Windows iPhone app development though. Unless you are skilled in the process, like the experts at Netsmartz, this kind of hack may be too technical for you.

Install a Hackintosh Program for Windows iPhone App Development
If you're not quite ready to try that level of a hack for fear of ruining your PC, but are still determined to try iPhone development for Windows, you might want to start with a simple install. There are a lot of people out there skilled in Hackintosh that change Mac programming so that it can run on your PC. That means you should have no trouble finding a Hackintosh program made for Windows iPhone app development.

Although you may be interested in technology and ready for Windows iPhone app development in theory, its practice is a whole other ballgame. That's why it's best to share your great ideas and leave the iPhone development for Windows to experts like Netsmartz. With their success at building apps for geo-location, fitness, business, and more, they can bring your app idea to life, and you don't have to hack a thing.