Why Netsmartz?
Netsmartz believes that collaboration is a main driver of successful innovation and growth. Taking business to the next level in ever changing socio-economic and technology environment is possible by virtue of mutually beneficial partnerships and leveraging compelling core competencies. Netsmartz brings value on table from the knowledge acquired over years of hard work and persistent commitment to bring success to our customers.

We are not novice

We are a young and dedicated team of professionals who is in this business for over 12 years and has worked with Fortune 1000 companies. We understand the every customer has custom requirements and we focus special efforts to meet those needs.

Partners available next door

We have team of local project managers and senior consultants based in our Rochester, New York office; this team works closely to understand and document your requirements. Our local teams are your partners for success.

Solutions that excel

We thoroughly analyze the problems faced by our customer's and then provide well and clean solutions that work.

Commitment to Quality

Every solution offered by us is systematically tested to attain a high level of competency before they are released to a customer.

Building knowledge base

To sustain our level of expertise, we are constantly learning and finding new answers to solve our customer's problems.

Abreast with latest technologies

We leverage advanced technologies to create smooth workflow processes and solutions.

Certifications that matters

We are CMMi Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company with development center in Chandigarh, India.

Assured cost savings

We promise you of project cost savings (~40%) by leveraging our process expertise, specialist resources, location advantage and blended use of onshore and offshore full-time development teams.