Social CRM
Social CRM is defined as a combination of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc.) with your email marketing for document sharing, online collaboration, and sales intelligence.
Moreover, Social CRM takes on three key concepts from social networking applications:
  • Integration of external social networking data with CRM applications
  • Use of activity updates or "push" mechanisms to proactively deliver information about customers and events to CRM users and other employees
  • Internal social networks with presence monitoring, instant messaging and public and group sites

It was reported by an independent research company that social CRM fetches an additional 11.8 percent productivity increase to your sales team efforts.

At Netsmartz, we work with our customers to build Social CRM strategy, which is an efficient way of getting and staying connected to their customers in order to succeed and grow. While doing customizations and integrations, we ensure that a single interface is provided to track social media platforms of your choice like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our team ensures that conversations are tracked and the searches are made available for quick and simple trend tracking. Also, we can take on your custom requirements like - automatically creating cases, contacts, accounts, and leads in CRM from real-time conversations. Other than this, known user friendly interfaces are developed within your CRM.