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Smartphone Apps Development

Trends in Smartphone Apps Development

Successful smartphone apps development from companies like Netsmartz involves staying up to date on the latest trends. This will show you what's being released, which apps are doing well, and what kind of apps people are asking for. If you're fast enough, you just might be able to be first in line to release the trendiest new app. Here are three trends for 2012 that seem to be on the horizon.

Develop a Smartphone Application that Offers Location-Based Services
When people are out and about in their local communities, they want to go do things. In order to get where they're going, more than half of them use their smartphone for directions, suggestions, information about area attractions and more. There are a few popular location-based apps, like Fandango, Yelp!, and Urbanspoon, but smartphone users are looking for more. Even when they aren't at home, they still need their smartphones to get them through their vacations and even to work meetings. This has made location-based services a great investment if you plan to develop a smartphone application.

Consider Multi-Screen Integration for your Smartphone Apps Development
Most smartphone users are also avid computer users. That means they go from device to device to get their information and take care of their business. If you can develop a smartphone application that allows for seamless device transitions, users would likely gladly invest in the convenience. Whether they're transferring music, videos, files, or some other media, they want all of it to act the same way on either device. That's why smartphone apps development has started seeing an increase in HTML5 apps. They have cross-platform portability, which makes them a promising development characteristic to consider.

Develop a Smartphone Application for Financial Convenience
As people become more comfortable with shopping from their smartphones, there will likely be an increase in the need for financial apps. As of now, the market is asking for apps that allow them to see their money, organize it, spend it, save it, and more- but in an easier and safer way than the current apps on the market. Consider this in your smartphone apps development, and you could cash in on app that allows your customers to spend their cash easily and securely. By teaming up with Netsmartz, who has already created a few successful e-commerce apps, along with apps for geo-location, business, and even health, you can add your two cents to the trend.