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Two Regular People Who Became Smartphone App Developers

Ideas. They seem to come and go at random times and everyone has them. What makes people successful is when they are willing to take action. Some people think one has to be brilliant to have an app that works and is successful. The truth is though, that many of these people who "made it big" with their apps are just regular people like you, whether they be software engineers, writers or smartphone app developers like the experts at Netsmartz. In fact, two very regular guys, Erik Bye from Ellie's Games and Mark Carpenter from Six Voices, have become very successful smartphone application developers.

Erik Bye, Smartphone App Developer for Ellie's Games
Erik Bye is a smartphone application developer who designs games. Among his apps are Colored Dots, Alphabet Dots, and Math Duel. He is a front end developer during the day, but a smartphone application developer in his free time. He designed many of his own app projects for fun and eventually released them. For hobbies, he is very active with volleyball, soccer, rock climbing, personal training, and golf. When asked about advice for novice programmers, he said to do it more for fun than for money and to not be afraid of making mistakes because they will allow you to avoid them the next time around.

Mark Carpenter, Smartphone App Developer and Entrepreneur
Mark Carpenter started with his home business, Six Voices. For this business, he found that he needed something better for transferring information to his iPhone. This is why he developed an app that took information from books and media into a fast-reading format for the iPhone. He is now networking with media and publishing companies to distribute information. His interests are business and quantum physics, and, not surprisingly, his passion is to solve business problems with technology.

If you have an idea for an app, you can become a smartphone app developer too, even if you're not a programmer. You can partner with smartphone app developer companies like Netsmartz, who provide technical support and are willing to work with creative people like you. They have already made successful apps for other clients who needed programming for geo-location, health and fitness, and e-commerce, so it's safe to bet they can do the same for you.