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Are Ad Blockers Next for Mobile Software Development?

When viewing the Internet from your smartphone, ads take up space and make it hard to enjoy the content. That's why Amazon has announced a handy new button called Send to Kindle. This button will actually allow people surfing the web with Google Chrome to click a button and get that content sent straight to their Kindle device, but without all the ads! This new piece of mobile software development makes content easier to read and enjoy and has a lot of other possibilities.

Free Yourself from Ads with Mobile Software Development
As of now, this new piece of mobile software development is only available for Google Chrome, but Amazon is already working on versions for Mozilla and Safari. After that, the next step is obvious. Smartphone users will want to see some of the same kind of mobile software development for their devices, whether they have a Kindle or not. Perhaps a "Read without Ads" button will be the new standard for mobile software development. By partnering with the successful app makers at Netsmartz, you could be the first to make it happen.

Improve User Experience with Mobile Software Development
This revolutionary new button could pave the way for mobile software development meant to improve the experience of Internet users in general. What about a page muter so people aren't blasted by sudden and unexpected videos? Maybe moms would appreciate an inappropriate content blocker for their kids' smartphones. There are probably many opportunities for apps of this kind, so if you know how to improve the Internet experience, you may want to get in on this trend while it is still early. To make your mobile software development easier and faster, speak with the experts at app development company Netsmartz. They are the go-to company for all your mobile app needs. With their experience creating successful apps for business, geo-location, health, games, and much more, you may just be able to change the way we get our online content on the go.