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Mobile Phone App Developers Get on Board with Windows 8

If you're teaming up with a mobile application developer like Netsmartz, then you know how important it is to design apps for the latest operating systems. Whether for PCs, Macs, or mobile devices, if your application won't run on the latest technology, then nobody is going to buy it. Windows understands this too and wants mobile apps developers to get on the Windows 8 bandwagon soon.

Which Mobile Apps Developers will make the Windows 8 Cut?
If you want to make sure your app runs on Windows 8, you can submit it to the Windows Store. There, mobile application developers can get their apps reviewed. If they make the cut, they will be featured in the store when Windows 8 is released on October 26th. Mobile apps developers like Netsmartz only have until September 30th though to get their apps uploaded for review. The store will have a new business model, which makes purchases possible without connecting to outside websites. That means your app could be available and visible to Windows users even when they're not online, making a purchase much more likely.

Windows Wants You to Partner with a Mobile Application Developer
What makes most mobile devices fun these days are all the great mobile apps out there. That's not the only reason Windows wants to make your app available though. By opening up their store to any approved mobile application developer out there, they increase their chances of finding great apps that make their devices more desirable and their profits from the sales of the apps themselves bigger. Sometimes, widely-used apps can even become an inspiration for future operating systems. If you have an app idea and want to get it made in time for the next generation of Windows operating systems, you might want to try teaming up with mobile phone app developers, Netsmartz. They are the go-to company for all of your mobile app needs, with experience building apps for Windows platforms whether for business, health, geo-location, gaming, or whatever else. They have the expertise and technology necessary to get your app made.