Mobile CRM
Mobility solutions have brought dynamic change to overall business environment, be it B2B or B2C transactions, updating status, sharing photographs and following friends and companies. Empowering your workforce with mobile access to your CRM has number of benefits. A survey revealed that CRM decision makers that provide sales people with mobile access to CRM can boost productivity to nearly 14.6 percent. This rise in the productivity is assessed by the development of device-specific and custom applications that take advantage of individual devices.

Vendors are delivering task-specific and vertical-based views of Mobile CRM data that makes simpler for sales people to do more than updating their sales pipelines via their mobile devices. Sales people in Customer Service, can get activity feeds on the outstanding service issues of their customers via mobile devices on their way to customer meetings − making them appear more knowledgeable to their clients and enabling them to spend less time following up on service inquiries and more time building relationships. Field sales people, not surprisingly, have some of the most innovative uses of Mobile CRM, taking advantage of features like geomapping to identify and contact prospects in their proximity when they have time available − efficiently escalating the number of prospect calls per trip and making more efficient use of their time on the road.

The most popular device for access to CRM applications includes iPhone, followed by Android phones/tablets and iPads.

Some of the common requirements in Mobile CRM space are – HTML5 based version of CRM, Native custom applications, Scaled-down version of CRM (with which basic call/appointment information can be filled, ability to drag pages on the iPad or dial a contact from the Android phone, reporting and integrated geomapping etc.).

Netsmartz is different from any other Microsoft Partner providing Mobile CRM solutions as we have deployed over 400 custom mobile applications for various platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry); our highly skilled team of App developers knows what is takes to deliver a secure and highly user friendly enterprise mobile application. Besides applications, we are working with our partner customers in building enterprise wide mobile platforms on which custom applications are launched for various business functions within a company. Netsmartz team will work with you in extending your CRM to mobile platform and developing functional mobile applications that will improve your sales and customer service.