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Advertise Mobile Application Programming with Facebook Mobile Ads

With Facebook's new owned-by-the-public persona, the company is desperate to find a way to bring its stock back up. One way they intend to do it is through mobile devices. They know how important mobile application programming is and want to do more to get their company to our smartphones and tablets. That's why they've recently decided to offer mobile ad space to developers of mobile application programming like Netsmartz.

Mobile Application Programming Now Gets Mobile Ads
Although much of social network browsing and an increasing amount of shopping are now done on mobile devices, Facebook has been slow to offer ad space for mobile application programming in those areas. Now though, they realize that it would mean a fairly large new revenue stream with promises to bring in even more revenue down the road. Facebook makes money every time Facebook-related mobile application programming is created and sold. It makes sense that they would want to help sell more of it. This will also give more of a chance to successful app companies like Netsmartz and lesser known mobile application programming companies alike to get their apps noticed by mobile users.

How will Mobile Application Programming Ads be Displayed?
Instead of showing these ads as thumbnails next to the feeds of their users, ads for mobile apps will actually be shown like status updates within the mobile news feeds themselves. This will make them much more visible and much easier for mobile users to click and purchase. In the past 30 days alone, they've already sent 146 million users to Apple and Google App stores. Google and Apple aren't the only companies who can get in on the advertising action though. When you are ready to advertise, you too can market your mobile application programming on mobile devices with Facebook's new mobile ad feature. For now, you will pay-per-click. Later though, there may also be conversion costs. That makes it all the more important for you to partner up with an app developer like Netsmartz now, so you can get your ads up before their prices go up. They are the go-to company for any and all of your mobile application needs and have experience creating great apps in areas such as geo-location, business, health, games, and more.