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Twitter Puts a Limit on 3rd Party Mobile App Design

With so many people getting in to mobile application design with popular companies like Netsmartz, websites like Twitter are having a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, all of those applications help spread awareness and use of their product. On the other hand though, all those applications portray a different representation of their brand and take a cut of the proceeds. Every mobile app designer who creates an app that uses Twitter in some way needs the resources of Twitter to make that happen. With its recent API release, Twitter has put a limit on all of the freeloading apps out there.

Some Mobile Application Design for Twitter will Need Permission
For now, Twitter has simply put a cap on how many users a particular mobile app design can have. If your partnership with Netsmartz produces a mobile application design that will bring in more than 100,000 users, then you'll need to get special permission from Twitter in order to continue adding users. Because each user means an app purchase and profit for you, you want to have as many users as possible. If your app greatly benefits Twitter, they may let you proceed at no added cost. If not, there will likely be charges to pay for the infrastructure and manpower your app takes from them.

What Does this Mean for the Future of Twitter Mobile App Design?
As of now, people are speculating that this new regulation is about Twitter's budget. If their costs are going up because apps from other companies are using their resources, they will need supplemental income and limits to stay afloat. However, with other social networks putting out their own apps, it's likely Twitter eventually plans to get rid of 3rd party mobile application design altogether. This will allow them to control their own app market and interface and make more money doing it. If you're a really talented mobile app designer like the developers at Netsmartz, you may just be able to make a good enough app for Twitter to buy out, but otherwise, your time for creating Twitter apps may be limited. Luckily, even if you don't work for Netsmartz, you can simply work with them. With their success and experience involving geo-location apps, business apps, health apps, and of course social media apps, working with them is sure to give you a foot in the Twitter app door. Netsmartz is the go-to company for all your mobile app needs, and they can help you make an app that is too successful for Twitter to resist.