Implementation Models
With Microsoft Dynamics CRM a core message has been communicated that "Power of Choice" leads to "Increased Productivity". It's true, when it comes to implementation models available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These models aim at the productivity and help the organizations becoming more efficient in their business field.

Netsmartz offers three models: On-premise, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Partner-hosted.

On Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This is the conventional execution model of a software package deployment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sever license & CALs and the hardware required to run it are purchased up front and managed on site by the customer. In this model, the customer owns everything that is needed to run a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution and is responsible for maintenance and use.
This implementation requires following licenses (excluding hardware):
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM server and client
  • Windows Server and client
  • Microsoft SQL Server and client
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and client
On-premise implementation has associated pros and cons:
    - Pros
  • Inexpensive in long term
  • Better integration benefits
  • Affluent customization capabilities
  • Data and risk management handled locally
    - Cons
  • Greater up-front costs
  • Require in-house IT skills
  • Information Technology infrastructure requirements
Have a look at complete offering of On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is an online solution which comes with 99.9% SLA and is completely owned and managed by Microsoft. Buy a monthly subscription service, the data and infrastructure of any customer is maintained and managed by Microsoft using its secure data center. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has a positive influence on the enterprise scalability features and all new multi-tenants used to run an internet-scale service for the clients. There are no different server CAL requirement to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution; instead clients can pay a monthly subscription fee for each user to get access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online comes with great customization and integration capabilities, with strong technical processes enforced in the solution. The technical levels include no binary code (Callouts and custom web pages physically within the complete CRM architecture. The Deployment requires use of such desired functionality need to locate Integration Code or the logic and/or custom pages on another server and then only integrate them to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online using the available platform web services.
    - Pros
  • Very Less Investment on IT infrastructure
  • Easy to manage per user, per month cost
  • Expert IT Infrastructure handling
  • Easy to deploy everywhere
    - Cons
  • Expensive over time
  • Limited integration advantages
  • Few advanced customization options available
  • 3rd party Data handling
You can view offerings for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online service:

Partner-hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Hosted solution gives the best of On-Premise and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online worlds: monthly subscription based access to the application without any server housing issues, and customization options for your CRM solution to suit your business needs.

The hosted applications lets you try Microsoft Dynamics CRM with just single department or just single team or even one single person, and then scale it to other parts of organization after complete review.

At Netsmartz, we provide full support to Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM by working together with certified Microsoft partners who provide trusted, safely hosted CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics and other enterprise-class Microsoft applications.