CRM Services

CRM Consulting

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice at Netsmartz is focused on providing solutions that help companies to achieve greater flexibility and operational competence in dealing with their customers. Netsmartz service offerings are spread over the life-cycle of a CRM engagement and starts with Consulting in the Pre-CRM phase to Package Selection, Implementation and Post CRM implementation, Application Maintenance and Upgrades.

Our consulting service consists of business and technology consulting. Business consulting helps in getting improved marketing, sales and customer service processes, whereas technology consulting allows identification of technology platform and solutions to build comprehensive, reliable and scalable CRM solution.

Industry research and our experience has shown that companies generally fail at their first CRM implementation – the foremost reason that CRM deployments fail is that there is no good strategy in place. Netsmartz is committed to provide its customers with best-practice tools and techniques that result in successful deployments of CRM solution. To this end, Netsmartz has developed an exclusive service specifically designed to enable the customers to address and plan for implementation through a structured process which will result in a more successful CRM implementation.
Our simple four step approach ensures successful CRM implementation
  • Purpose definition
  • Identification and Assembly of resources
  • Project Planning
  • Agile Implementation

CRM Assessment Top

At Netsmartz, we have the knowledge and experience to fulfill requirements of our customers regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our team is highly trained to deal with any issue that may arise with the software to help keep your business running smoothly. This team can further perform a CRM assessment to ascertain if you are using the program to its maximum capabilities as it relates to your particular business.

Our CRM assessment practice evaluates an organization thoroughly and compares its present environment against CRM practices across a number of industries. The assessment is done to examine the people, process and technology issues.

A company can avail a number of benefits from CRM assessment which mainly includes synchronizing CRM investments and yielding maximum returns, having a benchmark to determine the advancement of CRM, and ensuring the proper involvement of ownership. Every evaluation of the organization includes collecting the information, analyzing it, presenting it in the best way and the transfer of knowledge.

CRM Implementation Top

Netsmartz is one of the leading companies in the industry which is committed to help different businesses and partner them in their success. Our team is capable of solving any problem caused by the software. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the business is not the only aim of a company; we understand that you require execution of the software to zenith of its capabilities in context to your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is capable of performing a wide range of functions that would help boosting your sales, superior customer service and increased market reach by combining both communication and analytical programs.

Our execution methodology is extension of CRM consulting service; herein Netsmartz depends upon Engage and Implement fundamentals.
The outline of our implementation process from beginning to end is as follows

Prepare for the project
Netsmartz team, in consultation with the customer, prepares for the project and perform tasks; establish the business case (identify the business need and justification, and define the vision), identify and bring together a team, set up your team's infrastructure.

Plan the project In the project, team utilizes most of its time developing the solution in a series of sprints. However, the team first creates a high-level plan for the project. This plan acts as guide for the team. When the team executes the plan and by the team it finishes the planning of the project, it has built up product backlog and, if it is needed, a release plan.

Major tasks of the team include – Build the Product Backlog, Determine Team's Velocity, Establish the Release Plan and Prepare for the First Sprint.

Plan a Sprint As the team at Netsmartz has created the product backlog and a release plan, it begins to work in sprints. The race or the sprint by the team begins with a meeting for planning purpose and in this meeting it is ensured that the team accomplishes a set of user stories from the backlog. That set of user stories, together with the supporting tasks, is the sprint backlog.

Key activities during this phase include– Identify tasks, Estimate tasks, Choose user stories, and Commit to user stories.

Run a Sprint
During a sprint, team completes the tasks that are required to execute the user stories in the sprint backlog. Team monitors its progress and ensures that it meets the customer's acceptance criteria and team's criteria for finished software before we finish each sprint.

Main activities during this phase shall be - Complete User Stories, Track Sprint Progress and Finish the Sprint.

Track the project
Netsmartz team works in sprints to deliver increments of the project. And by the time the increments have been delivered, the customer develops an improved understanding of their set of the needs, and modifications in the business environment. The project owner works with customer to recognize these changes. In addition to this, the project owner maintains backlog and release plan to reflect those changes. It is ensured that team has what it needs at the start of each sprint. The team tracks the progress of the product as a whole to make sure that it is advancing toward completion of the project.

Key activities during this phase shall be - Prepare for the Next Sprint, Track Release Progress and Finish the Release.

CRM Integration Top

Netsmartz consultants are particularly trained in the field of specialized programming related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with other software applications that various companies are using for customer centric business functions. Be it be a SDK, API, Toolkit or others, our team of consultants is trained to undertake smooth integrations which in turn allows your team to focus more on the job at hand, which is communicating with customers.

There are numerous software programs available to companies to gain analytical information about their customers and business processes. Each of these programs can be fully integrated with your version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM by our CRM integration specialists allowing simplified user navigation and effective reporting and analysis.

CRM Data Migration

You might be using a legacy or home grown CRM solution with data size in millions of records, since you have decided to move to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the biggest challenge posed by this decision is – Data Migration.

In general, data migration is done to get an automated migration to newer systems. This process saves manpower from a number of monotonous tasks. But legacy systems or old applications might not be storing the information in the formats as we are doing today. Thus automated migration is not a right solution because there are high possibilities of data loss.

In order to attain a successful data migration, Netsmartz team of Data Migration experts will map data on the old system to the new system by offering a design for data extraction and data loading. This design connects the old data to new data and to the format and requirements of the new system.

After transferring the data to the new system, data verification is performed to determine whether data was correctly translated, is complete, and supports the processes in the new system.

Automated and manual data cleaning is commonly performed in migration to improve data quality, eradicate unnecessary or obsolete information, and match the needs of the new system.

CRM Upgrade Top

At some point of time a company may have to promote its legacy CRM system. The process will become less dull and boring for you, if you keep some of the important factors in your mind. Most of the users are vigilant about the impact of the system upgrade on their jobs.

At Netsmartz we understand and develop a plan for your business. With years of experience, we are confident that the plans designed by our specialist consultants will solve your problems.

Our consultants follow six steps for this assignment: assess the current setup, get upgrade document for planning, perform a test upgrade first, leverage knowledge base of previous upgrades, refrain from mixing new requirements with the upgrade and keep all stakeholders informed about the up gradation process.

CRM Custom Development

Netsmartz MS Dynamics CRM customization services are designed to provide a convenient service to the customers that too at very low cost of ownership. Our professionals are trained on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software developer kit (SDK) along with Visual Studio, your CRM can be customized as per your needs.

The extended CRM allows flexing the generic Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform as per the requirements of the clients. It enables the companies in customizing their copy of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Netsmartz can customize various aspects of CRM for its customers to get personalized forms for good understanding of current business situation that will get activated at the happening of particular activity. We can add personalized fields to input data that is specific to industry or business. The clients can get templates customized for e-mail and quotes, knowledge base articles and mail merge helping to make sure systematic content organization.

Our team of Microsoft .NET developers can personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to enable automation of business processes by setting up the rules. CRM can also be combined to talk to third-party business and other business applications that through Microsoft Dynamics CRM's rich environment for advanced customizations – APIs, Microsoft BizTalk Server and comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK), and Microsoft SharePoint etc.