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Make a Smartphone Application for your Kids

Ever thought about what goes into the process of making a smart phone application for kids? What is it that would make that child who is normally running around the house like crazy, sit down and play with an app for an hour? What kind of app would you make for your kids if you could design one? Some would definitely want more educational apps to help their kids learn and grow, but you also want your kids to have fun. This may cause you to prefer smart phone applications created by professionals like Netsmartz that are expert at games development. Here are a few examples of both educational apps and entertainment apps that were created for kids and now loved by kids.

Educational Smart Phone Applications for Kids
Imagine how fun it would be to design a game with your kid! Erik Bye did just that. His company, Ellie's Games, makes educational smart phone applications for children including Color Dots, Alphabet Dots, Counting Dots and Math Duel. These are the perfect way for a child to have fun while learning. He was able to achieve this after deciding to make smart phone applications for his two-year old daughter who tested them out. He wanted to make a smart phone application which was both educational and ended up creating four different apps! If you have a child or know one, get their opinion on your app idea and if you can, have them test it out.

Smart Phone Applications for Fun
Sometimes your child just needs something to relax and have fun. Find out what your child enjoys and think of how you'd make a smartphone application to entertain them. You could make an app for anything from drawing to playing sports or even music. You might even have fun yourself as these kinds of apps can be addicting. Popular game apps like Smurfs Village or Angry Birds are played by both young and old. Other entertaining kids apps include Subway Surfers, Mobbles, and a voice-changing app called Crazy Squirrel. Whatever you decide to design, you can partner with a company like Netsmartz and make a smartphone application for kids. Although they are great at making apps for geo-location, health and fitness, and e-commerce, they have made many successful game apps too. Just remember to keep fun in mind.