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How to Make a Cell Phone App for Seniors

In today's tech-driven world, the question "why make a cell phone app for seniors?" has been replaced by "how to make a cell phone app for seniors." Even though over 50% of smartphone users are people under the age of 44, that doesn't mean people from the silent and baby boomer generations aren't proud owners of an iPhone, or Android. If you're an established app development company like Netsmartz, instead of thinking about how to reach the usual target audience, think about how to make a cell phone app for seniors. Even though technology moves fast, many seniors have been able to assimilate and are as tech savvy as any twenty-something, iPhone-carrying hipster. However, there are also seniors trying to keep up with emerging technologies that are hindered by hard-to-use apps. The smartphone epidemic is reaching out across the globe and through the generations, making now the time to produce cell phones and apps that are appealing to seniors.

How to Make a Cell Phone App That Seniors Will Use
If you want to know how to make a cell phone app that will be used by seniors, there are several things to consider. One of course is if the app is visually appealing. How small is the font in the app? If you make the print so small that seniors have a difficult time reading, it will limit the pool of consumers. If your app has buttons, how large are they? Using larger icons in your app makes them easier to see and use and is how to make a cell phone app successful and appealing to seniors. Something else to think about is the content of your app. When you think about how to make a cell phone app for seniors, perhaps something like Angry Birds may not be at the top of your list. Apps like Skype and Valpak are listed among some of the "must have" apps for seniors because of their relevant content. The Skype app allows them to keep in touch with family and friends, and it's easy to use. Valpak is a coupon app that finds coupons for local stores, and it includes a barcode for the increasing number of businesses that are able to scan phones for coupons.

What Companies Are Learning How to Make a Cell Phone App for Seniors?
App development companies are beginning to notice that there is a market for apps directed at seniors using smartphones. Netsmartz is one app-developing company that has done their best to offer services to all types of clients. They already have many successful geo-location apps, business apps, and even e-commerce apps that could easily be translated for use by seniors. Google even has an Android phone that is specifically user-friendly with pre-installed apps directed at seniors. These companies are taking advantage of a growing market by knowing how to make a cell phone app for everyone so that no one is left out of the tech circle.