Features of MS Dynamics CRM
Learn about top features of Microsoft CRM.
  • Real-time Monitoring

    Enabled with real time monitoring and filtering capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures that all the sales professionals in your company get the required customer information instantly. Similar to Microsoft Excel, your people can easily reorganize the order of fields, add new fields in the display, and show only the records which are based on specific filters.

    Saves lots of precious time of sales and marketing professionals and ensure better selling.
  • Conditional Formatting

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables adoption of more consistent, streamlined, and intelligent approach for lead management activities. The pre-defined rules created in the application enables the sales users to have better data management, and save precious time.

    For instance, if any sale representative wants to view all the leads which are more than $100,000, he can instantly use conditional formatting to extract all the data. This would enable the sales guy to view the required information, in minimum time and plan the course of action accordingly.
  • Easy Data Management

    You can easily manage all your data by exporting your leads to an excel file as well as importing them and even re-importing them in Microsoft Dynamics CRM after processing.
  • Better Team Sales

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables various companies at different levels to improve their team selling efforts. The multiple team settings of the application, helps in creating virtual sales teams and work like a group for achieving sales targets. This helps in making dedicated account sales teams for big clients of your company improving your overall efforts.

    Also, this helps in a better, faster decision making, since all the members are in a virtual team, connected always and proceed effectively.
  • Better Resource Management

    Embedded with the strong Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps the sales users to easily create, share, and re-use important business documents like proposals and quotes. Special documents which take long time for preparation can now be completed within few minutes easily and efficiently. This would help in better knowledge sharing among all the sales executives and improve the overall team performance.
  • Easy KPI Tracking

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables various sale companies target and achieve their real time sales performance and make corrective actions due in course. The best data analytics models integrated in the application, including inline visualizations, can help any sales person bring up a sales pipeline of their open opportunities by sales stage easily. Already built inline models like top 10 customers or top 10 leads also help in getting better results.

    Key Performance Indicators are tracked in a more efficient manner since all the data is easily available and can be analyzed for better decision making.
  • Dashboards

    The easy to use CRM comes up with complete visual dashboard, which provides you all the key information in single look. This helps in better performance management in the complete organization. This is a very critical tool for sales employees to stay updated with all the KPIs for their process. Built with sample dashboards, it provides a real-time data for all the users and improves the overall decision making of the application.
  • Enhanced Multi-tasking

    Ever increasing workloads, multi-tasking is a major need when it comes to any CRM solution. In the customer service industry, agents jump from one activity to another, or from one application to another and their overall performance is measured by speed to handle inquiries as well as the speed to resolution to customer. To ensure this and streamline this further, it is necessary that they get all the information instantly.

    With multiple features like recently used list & record pinning, it makes the work of customer service agents lot easier and faster than ever before. Using the most recently used list, the service agents can directly see the record and open it with just a click. The agents can also pin down all the help articles for easy access of information and improve their productivity.
  • Custom Activity

    Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales users can generate any custom activity & easily track all the related aspects of the generated activity. The agents can add any new tasks, assign resources for it, create resource groups and create and execute workflows. Also, the overall activity can be tracked down from start to end, without the need of any customization or custom coding.
  • Better Goal Management

    Easy to manage Goals for all the users, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, help many Customer Service companies to define, set-up, track as well as report on key goals efficiently. For example, the companies can easily track first call resolution rates, average call duration, average resolution duration, and various other key performance metrics. The users can also visualize the overall performance of that goal in a pre-built report format or custom report.

    This will help all the customer based service companies to improve the efficiency of overall process by better goal management & their achievement.
  • Improved CRM Solution

    With drag-and-drop customization capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures better integration for your business. The companies can easily customize and configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM to suit business needs and gain the maximum value from the application with just few clicks. Companies can easily create new entities and tables, modify or add fields, modify or add new data relationships, modify attributes, add or modify roles, change terminology, and change or add new forms and views. This would provide the comfort and pace at which customization can be done, allowing stronger and more extended CRM scenarios.