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Enterprise Mobile Applications

What are Enterprise Mobile Applications?

Like most smartphone users, you probably enjoy a rousing game of Fruit Ninja to help pass the time while you wait in line at the bank or while you eat on your lunch break, but there are some apps that are meant for more than just wasting time. Enterprise mobile applications made by companies like Netsmartz are apps that are meant to be used for business. Private app stores run by companies other than Apple and Google are popping up all over the internet, and many of them cater to the on-the-go lifestyle of the tech savvy businessman.

Could Enterprise Mobile Applications Be the Future of Business?
Recently, the trend of enterprise mobility has consumed the tech industry. Companies such as Netsmartz have made a name for themselves as high quality developers of enterprise mobile applications. According to the research company Forrester, one billion people will own smartphones by 2016. Even in an economy that has seen better days, companies like Netsmartz that develop enterprise mobile applications or sell enterprise mobile applications are growing and making money. The fact that these companies rely completely on the internet to support their businesses is not as concerning as it might have been in the past either.

Enterprise Mobile Applications Help Businesses Run Smoother and Cheaper
Many small businesses have turned away from hauling around bulky and slow credit card machines in favor of sleek and portable enterprise mobile applications that turn your iPhone or Android into an instant register and debit/credit card device. Apps like Square Register come with a free card scanner about the size of a Bluetooth that plugs into your phone. The app is free to download as well. The creators of the app charge 2.75% for each card swipe. This is a small price compared to what you would spend on a credit card machine. With one of those, you're looking at monthly processing and statement fees as well as a transaction fee of anywhere from 1.5% to 3%. Enterprise mobile applications can be used for big or small businesses. They are developed to help cut costs, like the Square Register app, and to make companies run smoother. Whether you want to team up with Netsmartz because they have experience in creating these kinds of apps or because of their success with apps for geo-location and gaming, you'll want to get started with them as soon as possible.