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Developing an Android App Prototype Just Got Easier

If you're interested in developing an Android app, it's never been easier than it is today. In the past, developers needed coding knowledge to get their idea turned into an app. Now, there are plenty of tools that allow non-programmers to at least get their idea started. If you think you have a great idea, but aren't quite ready to take it to a successful apps development company like Netsmartz, why not try to develop an Android application prototype with the Google App Inventor first?

Develop an Android Application Prototype with the Google App Inventor
Sometimes it's difficult to explain your idea or to get someone else as excited about it as you are. If you can create a mock-up though, that can allow people to better visualize what you mean. Recently, Google released the Google App Inventor. This program allows non-programmers to get a basic version of their app created. You can add buttons with functions, images, sound, and more, all with a simple drag and drop interaction. Of course, the features available for you to drag and drop are limited, so the final product won't look as polished as most apps, but once you are finished developing an Android app there, it will be much easier to take it to a development company who can then add programming to perfect it.

From Creating the Prototype to Developing an Android App
When you take your prototype to an app development company like Netsmartz, be sure to have in mind what you want improved or added. Then, not only do they have a great start to develop your Android application, but they'll also already know what they will need to do to finish it. They can make the design more original, the functions more complex, and the overall product more attractive to the general population. Although you may start out on your own when developing an Android app, this professional editing and polishing of your original prototype will increase your chances of getting it sold. Then, your app could be among the other successful apps, likes those designed for geo-location, health and fitness, and e-commerce. You better hurry though. Now that it's so easy to develop an Android application with the help of a company like Netsmartz, there is about to be a lot more competition in the market.