Dedicated Resources FTE Model
Dedicated Resources FTE Model

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About the FTE Engagement Model

FTE or Full Time Equivalents is a business engagement model by which our resources are assigned and dedicated to your project exclusively. These resources could be developers, graphic designers, project managers, consultants etc.

FTE Model Highlights
  • Save enormously on project costs
  • No hiring hassles, free up your time to concentrate on core competencies
  • Get dedicated, trained and experienced IT resources effortlessly
  • Ramp up resource easily
  • Project Management at No additional charge
  • Assign tasks directly
  • Keep tabs on a daily basis through timesheets
  • Pay only for actual work done
  • Get complete ownership of the solution developed

Benefits of the FTE Engagement Model
About the FTE Engagement Model
The FTE engagement model allows you complete control over the development of your project as far as human and technical resources are concerned. Dedicated resources are assigned to your project that you can direct and monitor at will. The FTE model is a transparent, secure, flexible and scalable way of working. The monthly cost is fixed which allows you to manage your budget without the fear of price escalations.

How the dedicated FTE Model saves your time and money
With flexible working arrangements, you can have a solution on a project-by-project basis, continuing basis, and move between such as designers and developers. No recruitment headaches and no administrative hassle.

Cost effective, lowers your project development costs
Having an FTE resource is like having a dedicated, talented employee on your payroll minus the cost of hiring and payout of employee benefits. This model eliminates recruitment headaches and administrative issues! And, the billing rates are much more economical than U.S. billing rates.

Flexible, scalable and modular arrangements
You can customize working arrangements according to your requirements. You can have a single FTE resource or a whole team on your project. They can work on a project-by-project basis, continuing basis, or you can even move resources from one module to the other as per your need.

Well trained and competent FTEs
The FTE resources you get are top-of-the-line, experienced people adept in the latest technologies and well qualified for the job at hand.

Fast turnarounds
Netsmartz is headquartered in Rochester, NY with a large offshore development facility in India. This provides us the ability to work on projects 24X5 during the non-business US hours.

Fixed Costs
No matter what the volume of work, the cost of your FTE resources remains fixed which means you never have to pay extra even with high pressure schedules and deliveries.

Complete security and transparency
How is your IP protected? What resources do you have in the event if something goes wrong? It’s perfectly normal and wise to ask these questions. But our clients can rest their minds from these issues. Netsmartz, LLC is a Limited Liability Company chartered in the State of New York. We guard our client’s IP like it’s our own. And as a result, our clients benefit from the security of dealing with a U.S. company, while gaining the price advantages associated with offshore labor. Our offshore facilities are wholly owned by us thus extending the IP protection beyond geographic boundaries. Additionally, we are transparent in our methods of working and you can monitor the daily output of the FTE’s work easily through timesheets and timely status updates.

Professional project management for free
When you engage Netsmartz you will also get a project manager who will be monitoring the project closely and working with your FTE to see that deadlines are met. These management services will not be billed to you but will be part of the fixed cost monthly FTE package.
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We offer 3 variations of the FTE Model. Which one is right for you?

About the Onsite FTE model
Onsite Model: You will be assigned onsite consultant(s) of your choice at competitive market rates who will work at your specified work location. You will have complete control over the work assigned to them.

The Onsite FTE model: When should you consider it?
  • Requirements need to be gathered in the fastest possible time and the FTE resource needs to consult exhaustively with your staff.
  • Your project is sensitive and has confidential data. You would like it to be developed in a highly secure environment on your premises.
  • The FTE resource will need to interact with many of your staff on a continuous and ongoing basis.
  • You want to train the FTE in your particular mode of working or technology.
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About the Offsite FTE model
Offsite Model: You will be assigned offsite consultant(s) of your choice at highly economical rates who will work according to your guidelines.

When should you opt for the Offsite FTE model?
  • You have a large project and would like to ramp up resource strength fast without resorting to costly hiring.
  • You would like to take advantage of our much lower billing rates and bring down project costs.
  • You need expert advice and consultation for your project and can benefit from your FTE’s access to resources throughout entire Development Center.
  • You expect a lot of changes in the application or project moving forward, timelines are fluid and market conditions could dictate further changes.
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About the Hybrid FTE model
Hybrid Model: You will be assigned offsite consultant(s) of your choice and an onsite project manager who will be available to meet you in person for few hours a week for status meetings and will monitor the deliverables at NO additional charge. However, the Hybrid Model could also be applicable in other situations.

When does the Hybrid FTE model make sense?
  • The Hybrid FTE model combines both - onsite and offsite FTE models. For example an onsite FTE resource may be required for your project at your location, however you could have more FTEs working on another component independently at our Development Center.
  • The project manager will be onsite but will also be involved in the daily management and monitoring of the FTEs at the offsite location. He/She will communicate with you regularly and send project updates. Please note project management services are not charged for.
  • Any other situation that may require FTEs to work both at onsite and offsite locations fall under the Hybrid FTE model.
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