CRM Evolution
Evolution – a process in which something passes by degrees to a different stage, often to a more complex form.

CRM has a short and precise history about its technological aspect of customer service. Even though, the marketing campaigns and the strategies are the traditional methods followed by the business, still most of the entrepreneurs depend upon standard methods to draw customers. Before CRM came into practice, most of the companies were not resourceful in the field of tailored customer relationships.

At present, CRM has reached pinnacle and is enabling businesses to take advantage to unlock their potentials. It is also allowing the businesses to attain superior customer service. Benefits availed by the customers like loyalty rewards and bonus points are also advantageous to the companies that award these benefits: now they can easily track the behavior, spending history and patterns of their customers.

Consumers have changed the way they assess and purchase because of the increased access to information. And now the traditional channels of influence have broken and the customers may go to many different sources for advice regarding their purchase decisions.

Data reveals that customers will not accept the hurried services for long. Now, they are looking for a satisfying experience. And making things more challenging, many organizations are trying to meet these needs with declining resources. This increasingly competitive landscape has led to a renewed focus on productivity.

In today's world – Productivity is key to Profitability.

At Netsmartz, we listen to needs of our customers and know that to be a high performing company they have to be effective and efficient, and we work with our customers to
Win more deals: Sales – by leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provide capabilities that
  • Help in decreasing the non-productive and monotonous sales person work
  • Boost close rates and progress team selling
  • Restructure lead management and in turn shorten sales cycles
  • Help organizations achieve real-time sales performance and make more informed decisions

An independent research has confirmed that salespeople in better performing companies spend 40% more time each year with their best potential customers and 30% less time on administrative tasks compared to salespeople at low-performing companies.

Delight Customers: Customer Service The companies involved in Customer Service industry are facing the various challenges like lesser resources, rising demands for operational capability, ever increasing customer expectations, and agents jumping tasks.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Netsmartz platform of choice to provide capabilities that boost customer delight:
  • Right data at your fingertips
  • Instant problem resolution with record pinning
  • Simplified work management
  • End-to-end KPI tracking

As per industry data – on average, 40% of customers who suffer through bad experiences stop doing business with the offending company.

Optimize All Relationships: Extended CRM Organizations are required to manage all relationships that are integral to success — employees, suppliers, partners, distributors, vendors, and many other critical stakeholders. To enhance the value of all relationships, progress business relevance and fit, increase business insights and drive operational excellence Extended CRM is needed.

Netsmartz team of specialists delivers this assignment by leveraging xRM framework of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to perform Rapid customizations, Create dynamic services and Incorporate third party solutions leveraging technologies such as the Microsoft Office System, Microsoft SQL Server, the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio and Windows Server.