Choose MS Dynamics CRM
There are many compelling reasons for users to switch over to Microsoft Dynamics CRM – an easy, intuitive, and familiar look and feel, better integration with Microsoft Outlook, and greater flexibility right out of the box.
  • Familiarity Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides customers with the CRM capabilities in Microsoft Outlook client and with over 500 million Outlook users across the globe you can be sure of that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a leading CRM solution.
  • Power of Choice Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides choice of on-premise, partner-hosted, on-demand based solutions on the same architecture and code base so you can select the best model for your organization. You can also connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM from Outlook, any Internet-enabled mobile device or a web browser. Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the Power of Choice.
  • Total Cost of Ownership The constant costs linked with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online are much lesser as compared to what it costs with with assured 99.9% uptime SLA. It gives you more value at lesser cost. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows the organization to easily enhance productivity without huge financial investment and doesn't even limit future options.

    Various companies have confirmed huge savings from licensing (mandatory annual contracts), annual maintenance fees and expenditure on programmers after migrating from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

    You save approximately 32% or $21 (USD) per month by choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online over
  • Availability of resource Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides familiar, broadly used technologies for developers (Microsoft .NET). relies on technologies ( used nowhere else, requiring developers to learn its unique environment.
  • Ongoing Platform Investments Microsoft spends more than $9 billion annually in an extensive range of solutions based on productivity. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes various capabilities from Microsoft Office, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server and other leading solutions so you can maximize your Microsoft investment and increases your productivity.
  • Global Reach Thousands of partners in over 82 countries sell, service, and support Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With their unique expertise and skills, these leading partners are a huge asset for your CRM project. Additionally, the introduction of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, a cloud-based repository of partner solutions and community insight, helps you increase the relevancy and value of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.
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