Business Process Consulting
Netsmartz has helped number of organizations in attaining operational alignment of people, technology and process. We perform the tasks by firstly understanding your business; and the functional structure that supports your main activities that includes sales, marketing, and customer service.

The exercise is done by shadowing, collecting information and interviewing asking the right questions and helping our customers document existing processes, progress in existing processes, and create new processes.

With the help of best business practices and knowledge base of previous implementations – what works and what doesn't – we clearly exemplify how technology can support strategy with process and help you achieve your business objectives.

At the core of our business consulting process is education. We educate ourselves on your business and we educate you on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Netsmartz Business Process Consultants work with you and provide following services
  • The Right Solution Discover the opportunities for improvement through a diagnostic review of systems and internal controls and current business processes and decide whether they add to the profitability.
  • A Solid Plan Give management a clear picture of areas that need to be reinforced. Deliver an analysis and transition plan that can be easily understood and implemented and help you redesign the business processes to increase profitability.
  • A Smooth Implementation Our agile implementation methodology makes swift deployment and tailoring of each client's specific requirements possible.
  • Documentation This allows us to present our findings to your team and is the starting point for deliverables, stability and a phased approach to the implementation. Documentation plays the major role for future requirements.
  • Reliable Ongoing Support Our aim is not only to deploy winning CRM solution, but also to provide helpful ongoing support to our clients. Our monthly support plans allows you to run CRM smoothly and so that you can focus on the business. You can also use our customized support plans for integration, migrations, data backups, upgrades and on-going development.