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It Is Possible to Do Blackberry Development on Your Mac

Just as iPhone apps are difficult to develop on a windows computer, Blackberry development on a Mac is also a big challenge. The operating systems simply do not speak the same language, and so make any kind of communication between your computer and your Blackberry app impossible. At least, it used to be impossible, but then plugins were created to make Blackberry development on Macs possible. Now, with Mac's new Lion system, these development plugins have been updated again, which means you will need another download.

Blackberry Development for Mac Requires Eclipse
In order to start Blackberry development on your Mac, you will need to download the Eclipse plugin. Because of the last Mac update, you will also need to download the Blackberry Desktop Software. Even if you are running Lion, setting these up will have you back to Blackberry development on your Mac in no time. You will want to set your IDE preferences to the Eclipse setting, which may be their default state, unless you feel you need something more from a custom setting.

Blackberry Development on your Mac Takes Debugging your Device
If you want to make sure things run smoothly not just on your Mac, but also on the device you are creating apps for, you should download some debug files. You can get these at the Blackberry Developer Zone. These will help you test your app, so you can move on to the next stage of Blackberry development for Macs.

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