BlackBerry Application Development

Blackberry Application Development

Are Blackberry Application Development Companies on Borrowed Time?

With iPhone devices dominating mobile markets, it makes it hard for an older business like a Blackberry application development company to keep up. While Blackberry was responsible for a large part of mobile texting and internet browsing at first, it now makes up only a small part of the market, especially when compared to the iPhone. It makes you wonder whether or not there will be a Blackberry development company left by next year, let alone the Blackberry itself.

Blackberry's Future Looks Grim
At their last shareholder meeting, Blackberry had to ask for patience from their disgruntled investors who were tired of seeing decreases in sales. They announced they would be developing new devices that would better compete with Apple, but consented that the next year or so would not be easy to weather in the meantime. In fact, they will be showing another loss next quarter, after cutting prices on older Blackberry models. This has both shareholders and Blackberry application development companies like Netsmartz worried about the future need for their apps.

The Trick to Surviving as a Blackberry Development Company
There may be a Blackberry development company or two that goes under in the coming years, but most are bracing for hard times. In order to make it through, they plan to expand their specialized services to other devices. By offering development services for a variety of smartphone brands, Blackberry application development companies like Netsmartz will be able to diversify their income and stabilize their future in the industry. No matter which smartphone dominates future markets, they will be equipped to meet the needs for apps for that device.

One Blackberry application development company, Netsmartz, has already begun offering development services for most major smartphone brands. Whether for Blackberry, Android, or iPhone, they've created successful apps for markets like geo-location, social, health and fitness, and even m-commerce. This has given them an early lead in the market and a great choice for your app development. Whether you want to design for your Blackberry or your iPhone, they're ready to get you started.