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Android and iPhone Development Divided over Google Maps

If you're involved in iPhone and Android app development, you probably make most of your apps to work on both company's operating systems. Unfortunately for Google, that really isn't an option any more. Lately, Apple and Google have been at odds with each other because of Apple's plans for a map app for the iPhone. As of now, most people use Google Maps to figure out how to get where they're going. Unfortunately, much of the time they need these directions, they are on the go and using their smartphone. Before, there was iPhone and Android app development to help people do this. Now though, iPhone plans to use Apple maps and Google needs to come up with a new plan. If you intend to work with an app development company like Netsmartz, you will want to pay attention to these changes.

Android Sales up and iPhone Development is Slow
To hit Apple before they even get their map off the ground, Google has sent Map updates to Android devices, but not to iPhones. Instead, Google is trying to highlight all of its latest improved features like its navigation service and expanded public transportation directions. In the meantime, iPhone and Android development in these areas is becoming rather lopsided. Of course, that will change once Apple releases its mapping service this fall. When they do release it, Google intends to stay one step ahead of them by releasing even more updates to keep their map service the most used. This will certainly not be the end of intense Android and iPhone development though, especially not for successful app developers like Netsmartz.

Plan Maps Carefully for your iPhone and Android App Development
For now, it's probably a good idea to plan very carefully when it comes to map or navigational types of iPhone or Android app development. You could end up competing with Apple and Google who are about to engage in a map service feature war, so any maps you make will need to be top notch. Luckily, if you have other great ideas for iPhone and Android app development, partnering with a company like Netsmartz could certainly give you a head start in the successful app market. Netsmartz is one stop shop company for any and all of your mobile app needs and already have experience in building apps for geo-location.