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Game Development on Android

Types of Game Development on Android Smartphones

These days, the game development on android scene is moving fast with popularity and competition. There seems to be an Android app for everything out there, from basic productivity to education to games. The marketplace is full of all kinds of games from successful app companies like Netsmartz among others, including, but not limited to, RPGs, first person shooters, card games, strategy games, and accuracy games. Brain games are particularly popular right now. They tend to be slower-paced and use your thinking ability, unlike action games which use your hand-eye coordination. As the field of applications for entertainment keep growing, designers in game development on Android are constantly coming up with new games to entertain users.

Puzzle Game Development on Android
Puzzle games with their addicting nature and lower prices have become a popular item influencing game development on Android. Perhaps the most popular example of what developers are doing for this genre is Angry Birds for Android by Rovio Envio Entertainment. This is a game where the player slings birds intending to knock pigs down from various structures. Other popular games are Android Sudoku by Ed Burnette, Traffic Jam, Android Mindsweeper and Bebbled by Nikolay Ananiev.

Card Game Development on Android
A popular card game right now is Shadow Era by Android application developer Wulven Game Studios. Shadow Era is a battling card game similar to Magic, the Gathering and World of Warcraft TCG. The basic idea is to attack and defend your opponent and use special magic abilities like Flying. The art on the cards is incredibly similar to the type of artwork found on physical card games of this nature. Other card games are Hearts, Mau Mau and Live Holdem Poker Pro.

Strategy Game Development on Android
Strategy game development on Android is yet another market. A popular game is Townsmen 6 by HandyGames. This is a basic townbuilding game set in the French Revolution where you try to keep your peasants content in a fairly happy environment. The French Revolution is an odd setting for this, but apparently people are having fun with it. Other popular apps on the scene of game development on Android are Battleheart, Homeworld, and Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom.

There are still many games that need development by those with creative ideas. Even for those with no game design experience, partnership with an app development company like Netsmartz can make your game idea into an app. They have already worked with clients to create exciting game apps, as well as others meant for geo-location, health and fitness, and even e-commerce.