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Android App Developers Compete with the iPhone

Back in the day, it was IBM versus Apple and Coke versus Pepsi. Now, it is Android versus iPhone. As Android app developers like those at Netsmartz compete with the iPhone, users wonder who will win. According to CNN, "one of those giants significantly widened its lead last quarter." According to a report from the International Data Corporation, the Android actually led in its share of the global smartphone market for last quarter. Its share is now 68%. This means a lot for the world of android app developers.

Why become an Android Apps Developer?
Though the iPhone has quite a lead in games, there are some advantages that the Android still has. Android also has the backing of Google, which has Google Sky Map, Google Translate and Google Goggles. In the media world, the iPhone's platform is very easy to use, but the Android can still hold it's own. For music and social media the Android is still considered the best by many because of its allowance of widgets. Perhaps this means the decision to become an android apps developer still has some advantages and working with an app development company like Netsmartz is even more so.

Current Outlook for Android App Developers
These days, many are marketing the "free" approach, which means the company helps the customer out, wins their trust, and builds their network by offering free information, free media, or free apps. This is the issue some have with the Android market. They find that it's hard to compete with a free price tag and Google's affiliation. If Android can keep putting out free apps, stay under the prices of iPhones, and continue to create a quality piece of technology, they should have no trouble competing with Apple in the future.

If you've been considering becoming an Android application developer, the road ahead looks good. If you feel you're coming in to the game too late though, you could always get caught up again by teaming with an app development company like Netsmartz. They have skilled and experienced Android app developers on staff and ready to help turn your Android idea into an app. Whether you need geo-location, m-commerce, game, or even health and fitness apps, they can help you get them created for either the Android or the iPhone.